Local Context Analysis (lca) and Search Engines Optimimization (seo)

By Jose Nuñez

There is an outstanding query expansion method referred to as Local Context Analysis
and it is based on the use of expansion concepts, which are noun phrases (group
of nouns with of one, two or three adjacent nouns). Concepts are extracted and ranked by their co-occurrence with terms in top ranked documents. Then the highest ranked ones are utilized for query expansion. Why Nouns? Because study suggests they offer more possibilities for expanding queries than other type of terms, and they also are much more informative.

But there is a downside. Analysis of a specific block of words with out transition margins can affect the presentation and flow of semantics. So, some prefer to use semantic segmentation methods. According to semantic structure and flow, and based on document punctuation, it entails partitioning a document into topics
or sub-topics.

An option to the previous structures could be the use of a pre-qualified list of terms, or keyword list. Terms are usually qualified by popularity, most often searched terms, most regularly clicked terms, search logs or similar metrics. It is widely utilized, and it can be an excellent tool for finding terms.

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