SEO meet up and its future potential

In the early days of web where every thing contribution was in a chaotic way, there was no technique to index pages and assign some value to it. The contribution was mainly from the academic circles, where universities and research organizations used the web to upload and publish their papers online.

The first enterprise foray into the World Wide Web happened, when Excite started the indexing method by using Web Crawler to plenty of web pages in the web. Then Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page developed a page ranking algorithm which assigned a ranking index to each and every webpage and embedded a content high quality factor to every single page. This proved to be a master stroke as Google became an web giant in less than 10 years.

Nowadays search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are the most widely employed commodities in the web. Now that Microsoft and Yahoo have announced an alliance, they are all geared up to take on Google. Search engines are Lycos, Alta Vista, Ask Jeeves etc. have fallen by the wayside trying to maintain up with the extremely accelerated growth of Yahoo, Google and Microsoft. Several have gone defunct in the late nineties dot com bust.

This popularity of the search engine enterprise conceptualized the SEO strategies. SEO are methods and indicates to improve the visibility of web websites in the most common search engines. Though the definition sounds an effortless one, a lot of brain storming and man hours go to develop a viable SEO strategy. A good SEO analyst can give your website that competitive edge and make it the number 1 web site. The higher the rank of your website is the more number of visitors it will have and the far more number of potential clients it will churn out. From a purely commercial point of view, SEO is definitely a part and parcel of an organization, looking to secure a lofty location in the web.

Keeping the potential of a SEO analyst in mind and in general the SEO vertical, a SEO meet up was organized in Mumbai on the 1st Aug 2009. Scores of SEO specialists, content experts, web designers etc. met to discuss the changing landscape of the web, and latest trends in the SEO services. This meet up was undoubtedly an eye opener for everybody and they left with a plethora of understanding. They also discussed the future of SEO. The web world has made a transition from the traditional Web 1. to Web 2.. And there are already talks of Web three. in the pipeline. The future is semantic indexing and collaborative development. A excellent SEO must have the flexibility to recognize and implement the nuances of making use of a semantic technology to link different sites and come across a way to promote his own. So adaptability and openness are going to the keys of Web 3.. Agility and continuous improvement would be the hallmark of Web three..

The future certainly looks challenging for the SEO analyst and one with the most degree of adapting to change will survive. There will be no room for conventional approaches and black hat methods. The future SEO analyst will be a lot more strategic, dynamic and will be a decision maker.

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