3 Exclusive Tips To Write Unique Content That Can Trigger More Business

We all agree that ‘Content Is King’, but the quality of the King that rules this virtual kingdom. Now what is a good quality web content? Quite obviously, good quality content must be unique, informative and interesting. In this article, we will discuss about 3 exclusive tips that can help you to bring more business with the help of your content.

Produce Reader-Friendly Content

Most importantly, you must produce reader-friendly content. Your writing style should be lucid enough to draw the attention of readers. Don’t try to feed the search engine first, but you must put your best effort to make it human readable unique content. A reader-friendly content can significantly increase conversion rate.

Allow Appropriate Keyword Density

An appropriate level of keyword density is mandatory for writing articles. You can insert keyword in the title, in the first sentence of the content, in the last sentence of the content, and few more sporadically in the rest of the body of the content. However, you must be careful enough to check whether the natural flow of the article still remains intact.
Understand the Concept of LSI and LSA

It is important that you must understand the concept of LSI and LSA before you start writing your articles. Though you can get a wide numbers of articles on this subject, most of them are complicated ones. To keep it simple, you must understand that the web page content is analyzed by LSA/LSI (latent semantic analysis/latent semantic indexing), which is a mathematical-statistical formula used to analyze the content relevancy.

At the basic level, LSI is used to determine the exact implication of synonyms, polysemes and heteronyms. On the other hand, LSA is used as the mode to inform Google the exact implication of your content, which cannot be underestimated by using the same key-phrase repetitively. This ensures the higher quality article writing for websites.

So, when writing your articles, you must understand how to use synonyms, polysemes and heteronyms in the appropriate fashion, while maintaining the natural flow throughout the article. Remember, if you can follow these above mentioned 3 tips wisely in your content creation effort, you can surely bring huge business with your articles.

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