Estring an effective contraceptive for Women

What is Estring and how does it work?
Estring is an intravaginal ring which delivers a polymeric drug for intravaginal administration at controlled intervals. The ring is inserted in the vagina and is allowed to stay for a period of time during which it acts as a contraceptive. After a period of about 3 weeks the ring begins to secrete hormones particularly estrogen and progesterone. Secretion of these hormones then stops ovulation while thickening the mucus layer of the cervix thus creating an effective barrier that prevents sperm from fertilizing the egg. Each Estring vaginal ring offers one month of birth control.

Getting a Deal
While the cost of prescription drugs continues to rise, these is hope that you can buy the same quality of medications and save money. Our good freinds to the north enjoy medicaitons at a cost much less that we pay, and placing an order you can buy cheap Estring from Canada and keep more money in your pocket for other expenses.

General use of Estring
Estring is easy to insert and remove. The ring is easily held by the vaginal walls and they are the ones that will keep it in place. There is no need to be exact in the positioning of the ring in the vagina because the position of the ring is not critical for clinical efficacy although the ring usually lies next to the cervix. Even after sexual intercourse the ring is usually left in the same position and most couples that use this method of contraception rarely complain of any forms of discomfort. It is also possible to remove the ring during sexual intercourse and then put it back afterwards without affecting its efficacy.

Estring only protects against pregnancy
Estring is a contraceptive so it will offer protection against pregnancy while not offering any protection against sexually transmitted diseases. So it is not advisable that someone who has multiple partners use Estring as the ideal method of contraception. This is very important to note for there are diseases such as AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases which currently have no available treatment. Thus, if you are to come into sexual contact with an infected person while using Estring you may risk being infected. So even if you are using Estring you can still use a condom to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases.

Get advice from your doctor
Hormone based drugs may have a negative effect in some people. It is therefore very important to fist consult your doctor or canadian pharmacy to see if you can use Estring without compromising your health. Your doctor will have to check your medical condition to see if you can use Estring. Hormone based contraceptives may affect your body’s natural menstrual cycle especially when you decide to stop using them. There are certain times when people have used contraceptives that cause multiple release of eggs which can result in one giving birth to more than one baby at one go. This however can be avoided as long as you keep in touch with your doctor. So the best move will be to consult your doctor so he/she can give you advice on how best you can withdraw from Estring without any undesirable results. You should also tell your doctor if you have experienced any strange symptoms for your body may be failing to adapt to this method of contraception.

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