Latent Semantic Indexing

It is amazing how things change,over the last couple of years  this phrase keeps popping up on the internet,and folks are acquiring emails from the S.E.O ["search engine optimization"] and marketing gurus”hello is your website optimized with the newest LSI [ Latent Semantic Indexing] software” or “is your web site optimized for Google utilizing LSI ??”.

This constant bombardment of pressure to keep your websites at the top of search engines is usually at the back of our minds.So I am going to explain in fundamental terms what LSI is.

What Is LSI ” Latent Semantic Indexing”

Not long ago you could search a search engine for a keyword or a phrase and at the top of most searches where either Ad sense sites or other affiliate sites like Click Bank or Amazon sites etc.This was due to numerous web masters making use of keyword stuffing strategies to get their internet sites onto the 1st page of a search engines.Example – they would write  articles pages and posts and put a particular keyword in them so typically, so when the search engine crawled it would see this keyword so numerous times that it would get indexed on the 1st page of the search engine.

Google did not like the thought of individuals being able to sculpture search results so they bought a Latent Semantic Indexing company to stop this happening.

LSI is basically human behaviour on search engines,when I say this Google does not want to have its search engine full of 1 word phrases at the top of its pages, they would like to have relevant phrases at the top because that is what a search engine is for.

If I search for SEO on Google there will be millions of outcomes for that word but as a human I would really rarely just kind that. I would type SEO organization or SEO consultant etc.

This is where LSI works, Google wants to as a search engine to give you as quite a few alternatives for a given keyword as it can,they want to give you the related terms for your keyword so when people search it will show not only the relevant keyword but also all terms that are related to that given keyword.

If I am writing a post about a barbecue  I would write something like this “Nowadays we had a barbecue we had relish and salad on our burgers, the charcoal kept going out so we had to re light it” Google likes this simply because of the relationship between the keywords.

If wrote this “Today we had a barbecue and at that barbecue we had burgers that had been cooked with barbecue charcoal” Google would class this as spam since I would be keyword stuffing.


Rules to follow for LSI

1.Do not keyword stuff it does not matter if you only have your keyword in once in the entire post

2.Make certain when writing you add relevant phrases and words in your posts pages

three.Believe about how search engines work relevant searches

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