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What is Latent Semantic Indexing, and How Can It Bring You More Web Traffic

Latent Semantic Indexing (or LSI) has become the most recent buzzword among web master communities. There is already a mystique about the term, yet so couple of seem to understand it’s ramifications and the real benefit to any web site owner.

Back in April of 2003 Google purchased a business known as Applied Semantics, whose products included software based on it’s CIRCA technology. This technology understands, organizes, and extracts understanding from websites in a way that imitates human thought. The result is more successful data retrieval.

In the beginning, this technology was utilized to make positive that Adsense ads had been being correctly targeted to relevant sites. However, it was only a matter of time until the use of LSI technology was introduced to organic search.


Lsi; What Latent Semantic Indexing Means for your Website

I would like to simplify Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). LSI is an anti-spam algorithm. Instead of linking in all of the scholarly papers from those whose job with Google and other organizations is to fight spam; I’m going to give you the down and dirty truth of what LSI is and why it is important to not just Google but all Web entrepreneurs.

Very first, I’d like to state that there has not been any published “laymen’s” standards for LSI. My self and other people have researched many interviews from Matt Cutts. Matt Cutts joined Google in January of 2000 and is now head of Google’s Webspam team. You can visit Matt’s blog at for up-to-date details on how Google is fighting spam.


3 Exclusive Tips To Write Unique Content That Can Trigger More Business

We all agree that ‘Content Is King’, but the quality of the King that rules this virtual kingdom. Now what is a good quality web content? Quite obviously, good quality content must be unique, informative and interesting. In this article, we will discuss about 3 exclusive tips that can help you to bring more business with the help of your content.

Produce Reader-Friendly Content

Most importantly, you must produce reader-friendly content. Your writing style should be lucid enough to draw the attention of readers. Don’t try to feed the search engine first, but you must put your best effort to make it human readable unique content. A reader-friendly content can significantly increase conversion rate.

Allow Appropriate Keyword Density